How To Make a YouTube Video Your Android Ringtone?

Are you sick of your Android device’s default ringtones? Do you want a YouTube song to become your ringtone? YouTube has become the most popular source of entertainment and a repository for every song or music that can be found on the internet. This makes it ideal for searching for tunes or ringtones to download if you can’t locate them anywhere else. Therefore we would show you how to download and make a YouTube video your Android ringtone.

You may easily play a number of videos on YouTube using the app. But, unless you have a premium membership or YouTube Music enabled, you cannot stream simply the music while skipping the audio. Moreover, you cannot set these audio tracks as your phone’s ringtone or download them as native music files for offline listening. This might be a problem if you want to personalize your smartphone and use a particular music that you really enjoy as a ringtone.

While YouTube doesn’t officially offer a mechanism to download a video in the audio format, there are numerous workarounds that let you download the song or ringtone of your choosing from a YouTube video. This can be especially useful if you can’t locate the ringtone on well-known ringtone portals or other websites, or if the music you’re seeking for isn’t accessible for download on other streaming services.

We all have ringtones set on our cellphones; ringtones are audio cues that smartphones employ to signal a certain activity. For instance, your smartphone makes a sound to let you know when you have a call or a message waiting for you. There are several applications and websites where one may buy cellphone ringtones online, but you should be aware of their hefty price. What’s even more intriguing is that one may easily and quickly convert a music video on YouTube into a ringtone for free.

You did hear correctly, I assure you. It’s easy and possible to use a variety of approaches to convert a YouTube video to a ringtone. As a result, you are no longer need to purchase ringtones from third parties when you may create your own for no cost. Before learning how to use YouTube audio clips and turn them into mobile phone ringtones, please read the whole tutorial below. But first, let’s speak about why YouTube is one of the greatest sources to collect the audio files for producing a ringtone. And in this post, we’ll go through how to set a YouTube song as your Android phone’s ringtone.

Why YouTube is the Best Source for Ringtones

One of the largest video, music, song, and other content libraries may be found on YouTube, which also maintains the video and audio bitrate quality. Both formats of YouTube videos may be downloaded easily and with little effort. Several readily available programs provide rapid downloading of any format from YouTube. Also, the majority of musicians release their songs on YouTube first. There is therefore no justification for why YouTube is not the greatest place to get ringtones.

How To Make A Youtube Video Your Android Ringtone?

Step 1: Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Format:

Make a YouTube Video Your Android Ringtone

1.       Decide the video you wish to convert and use as your ringtone, then search for it on YouTube.

2.       Then move on to the following step by clicking the Share Button, choosing Copy Link or Copy URL.

3.       Open Chrome or another browser on your Android device at this point, then navigate to Copy and paste the link into the box.

4.       Hit, convert, and then wait for the procedure to be finished.

5.       Now that you have the audio file for the video in MP3, you may download it.

Step 2: Trim the MP3:

Make a YouTube Video Your Android Ringtone

The free “MP3 Cutter and ringtone maker” program can be found on the Google Play Store and does a variety of things, such as reducing MP3 files, merging them, combining two audios, and much more. The fact that the program offers so much capability makes its few advertising, albeit there are some, insignificant. Overall, this is our preferred software for this procedure because it has all these capabilities condensed into a single app.

Step 3: Set it as Ringtone:

Make a YouTube Video Your Android Ringtone

Once your ringtone is prepared, move on to the final stage. The only thing left to do is make it the default ringtone. to carry out that.

  • Access the Settings menu by going there.
  • Find sound and vibration by searching.
  • Look for Phone Ringtone in the Phone Ringtone Menu.
  • Now choose the new Audio File by clicking on the SIM Name.
  • That is now configured for your new ringtone.

Some of the top songs, ringtones, and music in general are available on YouTube. Setting your favorite YouTube song as your phone’s ringtone is quite simple using the preceding approach. The same thing may be done in several ways. Yet we’ve already discussed some of the simplest and safest ways to accomplish the same task. It is crucial to be aware that under various regulations, this can constitute copyright infringement. Should the song or piece of music you’re attempting to download be protected by copyright. To avoid problems, we advise you to exercise caution and look for copyright protection.

That’s all; from now on, you may create your own ringtones whenever you want!

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