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When and how did blues music originate?
The oral legacy of African American work songs and spirituals, which included the call-and-response rhythms that are still prevalent in blues today, served as the foundation for the blues’ development in the Deep South following the US Civil War. In the 1920s, when it also evolved its signature AAB lyric pattern, it became widely famous. Blues music was primarily about the suffering caused by injustice and loss, but it also celebrated the triumph over these terrible situations. The music’s original tempo was likewise sluggish, but as it gained popularity, it started to pick up speed.
What is blues music?
A musical form and a musical genre, respectively, are the blues. The term “blues” refers to a kind of music that was originally associated with depressing themes and sounds: we experience “the blues” when we’re down. Blues, though, has evolved to address different issues and feelings, adopting a more general goal of “driving the blues away” through music.
Why is it called blues music?
Specific chord progressions, a walking bass, call-and-response, discordant harmonies, syncopation, melisma, and flattened “blue” notes are among the major characteristics of blues music. Blues is renowned for being microtonal, employing notes between the semitones designated on a piano keyboard. This is frequently accomplished on an electric guitar by utilizing a metal slide for a whining effect. Blues can thus include a lot of chromatic content.
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