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Guitar music is one of the music genres that many people love to listen to and choose to learn how to play a guitar because of its softly and  gentleness melody.

What is Guitar Music? Basic Guitar Types
Guitar music is produced by an empty wooden or plastic box and wood (for acoustic guitars/or through an electric amplifier and speakers).

Guitar is an instrument with keys and strings that can be used to accompany songs or to play solo.

The first guitar appeared just over 5000 years ago. Later, the Spanish improved into a modern guitar with 6 basic strings, in addition, there are also types with 4,7,8,10 and 12 strings.
Some of popular guitar types:
Classical guitar: belongs to the acoustic guitar line, it is used to play classical Spanish music and other classical music genres (Orthodox Classic, Arrangement, Classical Arrangement)

Acoustic guitar is a great instrument for many genres of modern music such as Pop, Acoustic, R&B, and especially Fingerstyle. It is also used a lot for accompaniment as well as Fingerstyle genres.

Electric guitars are electric guitars made from a combination of wood, metal, and plastic, and strings tend to be thinner and more flexible than wooden guitars.

The bass guitar is used to keep the rhythm of the band and is used with most modern music styles which including rock and roll.
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