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Attempting to describe rock music is challenging because it is one of the widest musical genres to date. Understanding the origins of rock music, its forerunners and influencers, as well as the time’s events, is one approach to comprehend the genre.

What is Rock Music?

For many years before hip-hop became widely accepted, rock music was the most popular genre. It is driving, passionate, energizing, and nearly always loud. Rock, which ruled the airways for close to 50 years, gave rise to several subgenres, ranging from delicate, lyrical folk-rock to the most savage varieties of extreme death metal. It has become well-known all around the world, having been played in everything from garages to concert halls and sold-out arenas.

Due to the wide variety of its subgenres, rock is defined more by its overall aesthetic than by any particular musical characteristics (although, as we’ll see in the following section, almost all subgenres include electric guitars). Rock is all about energizing energy, especially the nascent, rebellious energy of its creators. The same spirit has inspired musicians throughout the years, who have each developed unique methods of capturing that energy.

Musical Features of Rock

Rock is arguably more than any other genre defined by a single piece of equipment: the electric guitar. Electric guitars were mostly used as a supporting instrument for big jazz ensembles in the era before rock. They did, however, gain popularity among blues artists throughout the early 1900s. The electric guitar was an excellent piece of equipment for a small band because, by connecting it to an amplifier, guitarists could produce a volume that could compete with the sound of the drums and mic’d vocals.

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