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To make it simple for you to recognize a brand name smartphone, each phone provider will have a unique ringtone. The following interesting Samsung ringtones are available if you find the ringtone on your phone boring.

samsung ringtones

What are Samsung ringtones? The secret lurking behind the familiar sounds

Ringtone is an audible sound that is played on a phone to signal to the owner about incoming calls, messages, notifications, etc.

Like other phone brands, Samsung also has their own ringtones for their products, which are sounds that users only need to hear to know the company.

Samsung has an entire team of sound engineers to create free ringtones and every sound on the device.

There is a sound lab founded for almost a decade ago, where sound engineers do the designing every sound job that associated with Samsung devices, including Ringtones and keyboard sounds.

Nam Myoung Woo – Samsung’s senior sound designer, says: Designing sound can take only a few minutes or up to 6 months depending on the complexity of each project.”

In particular, in order to create such impressive and valuable sounds for the company, Mr. Nam shared: “When creating sounds, sound engineers try to find ways to connect with users on on different emotional levels”.

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