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Free Ringtone WAIT FOR U Download

[Chorus: Future & Tems]
I can hear your tеars when they drop over the phone
Get mad at yourself ’cause you can’t leave me alone
Gossip, bein’ messy, that ain’t what we doing (World was ending)
Travel around the world (Would you cry or would you try to get me?)
Over the phone, dropping tears (Tell me now, I want you to be clear, yeah)
I get more vulnerable when I do pills (Tell me now, I need you to be clear, yeah)
When you drunk, you tell me exactly how you feel (I will wait for you, for you)
When I’m loaded, I keep it real (I will wait for you, I will wait for you)
Please tell a real one exactly what it is (I will wait, will wait, for you, for you)
Don’t say it ’cause you know that’s what I wanna hear (I will wait for you, I will wait for you)

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