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Ridin’ with my twin and ‘nem (Skrrt), and we all look good as fuck (Gang)
She say she my opp but I don’t know her, had to look her up (Fuck is you?)
I know that I’m rich, but I can’t help it, bitch, I’m hood as fuck (Woo)
I’ve been on these bitches neck so long, sometimes my foot get stuck (Ah)
I can’t put you in my business (No), you might wish me dead tomorrow (Yeah)
Bitches be on dick today, sing every word of “Up” tomorrow (Up)
Bitch, I still got cases open, keep your mouth shut tomorrow (Shh)
Play with me today then get some sleep, you know it’s up tomorrow (Woo)
Fake bitch, that’s why my friend fucked on your nigga (Ah-ha)
Both you bitches pussy, I think y’all should scissor (Ah-ah-ah)
She bought a chain, I bought the same one, even bigger (Bitch, it’s bigger)
She throwin’ shots, that’s how I know I got her triggered (Ah)
I don’t speak dog ho (Woof), I don’t care what no bitch say (No)
I stay on her mind, I got condos in that bitch head (Ah)
She say she don’t fuck with me (Who?), who said that you can, ho? (Never)
That nigga a munch and he gon’ eat me like a mango

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