How To Download Ringtone On Android Latest 2023

One of the advantages of the Android operating system is the ability to customize it to your taste. From changing the wallpaper to setting a unique ringtone, Android offers a ton of personalization features. If you are looking to get the latest ringtones for your Android phone then this article is for you. In this article, we will show you how to download ringtones on Android using various methods and how to customize your favorite songs as ringtones.

Using ringtones app

One of the simplest ways to get ringtones for your Android phone is to use a ringtone app. There are many apps available on the Google Play Store. Here are some of the most popular apps you can use:


ZEDGE is an application that specializes in ringtones and wallpapers that gives you a huge library. With more than 1 million wallpapers, ringtones… for you to choose freely. This seems to be an indispensable application to help your mobile phone always have innovation.

The search engine is a much-needed feature for users, given the multitude of different ringtones and themes. With this utility, you just need to type the name of your favorite genre or a specific name, the application will return the correct results with the keywords you need.

How To Download Ringtone On Android 


With Audiko you can browse through a large collection of available ringtones or create your own by selecting a track from your device or cloud storage. The application also provides users with a wide range of editing tools for customization, including cutting, trimming, and merging audio files. The app also includes a large community where users can share their custom ringtones and discover new ringtones created by other users.
Audiko has 2 versions of free and paid versions. The free version includes access to a limited selection of ringtones and sounds, while the paid version provides unlimited access to all features.

How To Download Ringtone On Android 

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker is a personalization application that allows you to copy, cut and paste on music tracks. Besides, you can also adjust the volume directly for the music while editing, so you can create good ringtones according to your personal preferences.

One feature of the Ringtone Maker app is the ability to create ringtones for in-phone apps such as phone ringtones, notifications, or alarms. This helps you to change the sound variety for your applications.

Use a website

Another way to get ringtones for your Android phone is to use a website that offers free ringtones. Advantages of using:

  • Multiple Selections: Ringtone sites often have a large selection of ringtones to choose from, including popular songs, sound effects, and even custom ringtones. This means you can find a ringtone that suits your personal taste and style.

  • Ease of use: Most ringtone websites are designed to be user-friendly, with simple navigation and easy-to-use interface.

  • High-quality music: Ringtone websites often offer high-quality ringtones that are compatible with most phones.

  • Free and convenient: Downloading ringtones from a website is a convenient and free way to personalize your phone

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Find a website: Search for “free ringtones download” in your web browser and browse through different websites to find a ringtone you like. Make sure the site is reputable and offers safe downloads. Ringdd is a reputable and free ringtone download site that you can trust to choose from.


How to make ringtones according to your taste

Step 1: Download Ringtone Maker music editing app

step 1 

Step 2: Open the app and select allow access (required)


Step 3: A list of songs that can be set as ringtones will appear. Select the song you want.

Step 4: There will be 2 horizontal rectangles, the left is the start of the ringtone, the right is the end. You can move to the part you want and then click the Play icon below to listen to it



Step 5: Once you have selected the desired piece of music, select the square in the upper right corner of the screen to save it.


Step 6: In the Type section, select Ringtone if you want this song to be set as a ringtone, Notifications if you want to set it as a notification music.


Step 7: After selecting, you can click Save. Next, select Make Default Ringtone to confirm setting the song as ringtone



Downloading ringtones on your Android device is a simple and straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily download and install any ringtone of your choice. So go ahead, download your favorite ringtone and personalize your phone ringtone today!

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