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Believe – Meek Mill Feat. Justin Timberlake Ringtone Lyrics

Chorus: Justin Timberlake & Meek Mill]
You know I still believe, still believe in you and me
‘Cause every night I go to sleep, go to sleep
I can see it like a movie in my dreams
Put my face in the dirt on the ground
Still, I raise up to take back the crown, yes
You can break my body
But you can’t lock the soul of a man down (Yeah, uh)

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Follow your dreams, not your addictions
How we gon’ follow our dreams locked in a prison?
They tried to swallow me whole, God be my witness
Deprive me out of my dreams but I’m relentless
I want the money, ain’t never want attention

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