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DJs have been fiddling with records since the 1970s, tearing them apart and reassembling them, or adding new components to vary the flavor. There appear to be about as many names for doing this as there are songs themselves. So how can you distinguish between an edit and a remix?
A remix is when a producer uses a song’s stems to make new music with the permission of the original artist. They could decide to take the song in an entirely other path. With an eye toward performing these tunes in a club environment, but by no means exclusively, this is frequently done.
Typically, bootleg recordings are songs that have never been formally released for commercial sale but have been leaked. Getting inventive with the mashup of two separate songs, sometimes in utterly opposite styles, is a prevalent aspect of many bootlegs that may be made simpler by not rigidly thinking about copyright restrictions.
Flips are derived from sample-flipping, in which a producer takes just a portion of a song’s audio and creates a whole new piece of music. Sampling is a crucial component of many genres, particularly hip hop, however this act is considerably more transformational and integral than using a sample as part of a rhythm.
This term, which stands for “variety in production,” describes the process by which the original producer of a track recreates the same tune but uses a new approach this time. In a way, this is similar to a music remix that was created by the original artist.
An edit’s primary goal is frequently to improve a song’s suitability for live performance in a club. This normally entails only a few small adjustments to the tunes and may only require the addition of a few new kick drums and claps. To make songs simpler to DJ or to better fit their needs, DJs may want to experiment with the track structures.
DJ Eats Everything refers to his song edits by this term, which is meant to be a little ironic. He has developed a reputation for creating tunes with brutal edits that are meant to destroy club dance floors.
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