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Hiphop is one of the most popular music genres today, this genre of music has a rather complicated history and is still unappreciated in some countries today. Let’s learn more about Hip Hop!

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What is Rap – Hiphop? The origin of Rap – HipHop

Hip Hop is a genre of music with a characteristic rhythmic character. It is often accompanied by Rap lyrics, which are rhyming passages on the background of music and the drifting rhythm of the beat.

Rap is considered as the main “material” in Hip Hop, they are the intersection between speaking and singing and can be performed on the background of music or acapella.

Hip Hop appeared in the 1970s in the Bronx, New York, initially as a genre of music born in the community parties of black American people. Time by time, Hip Hop became a New Culture Movement in the years 1882-1985, there were many movies related to Hiphop, which is the premise of a current popular global culture.

In Hip-hop music, we often see DJs with electronic music devices, rappers and beatboxing players (a way of using mouth to fake the sound of instruments). Hip-hop music also has indispensable components that are drum beats, sound samples (sampling) and unique recording equipment.

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